The History of Gyros & More

With three restaurants to serve you in the area (at the time of this writing), Gyros & More is conveniently situated at two locations in Windsor/Tecumseh and one in downtown Essex. Greek cuisine is on the menu along with domestic fare at all three restaurants.

According to Owner Costa Apatsidis, the first Gyros and More establishment to open was the downtown Essex restaurant (20 Talbot St. South) that he recently sold as a franchise operation.

Just a year or two after starting that business, Costa delivered new locations for hungry customers in Tecumseh at 1318 Tecumseh Road East (at Manning) and the Windsor restaurant at 301 Tecumseh Road East (at McDougall) near downtown, the newest of the three.


Gyros at the Top…

A restaurant offering Greek food will almost always regard Gyros as their most popular meal, particularly for lunch. The Gyro is only $5 at this time and the Gyro Combo, at $7.50, includes all three, at a very reasonable $9.50.

There are several kinds of Gyros to choose from such as the original, chicken, Greek, Caesar and Gyro Delight.

“Out Gyro is made in the traditional Greek way with 100% natural products,” says Apatsidis.

An up and coming favorite, the Chicken Souvlaki ($6.50) is a popular lunchtime meal and chicken fingers are available too. For the nutritionally conscious person, a lighter lunch may include Greek, Caesar ($4.95) or a Garden salad at $4.25 including your favorite dressing. The Spinach Pie, a more traditional Greek dish, is also available at a very reasonable $3.

One of the $5 “Hot Plate Specials” is French fries (with a Gyro on top), cheese and gravy, or you can order Poutine for only $2.49 – on the heavier side. Apatsidis jokingly advises that you don’t run a marathon after this meal!



One noticeable difference between Gyros & More and fast food outlets is the size of the portions you receive.salad_web

“The portions are very generous,” explains Apatsidis. “And once you try one (a Gyro), we know we will see you over and over again.”

Freshness is a paramount as Costa has been known to send suppliers away if the produce isn’t fresh. Another difference compared to fast food outlets is the excellent customer service.

“We are also very affordable,” believes Apatsidis.”You get a lot of food for the money.”

Delivery from the Gyros & More is in the cards in the near future as Costa hopes to move the business to a new level by offering the service. Regarding franchising, he is establishing the Gyros and More business throughout the area and hopes to sell each of the restaurants in time.

Apatsidis remarks “That’s exactly what we’re trying to do. My goal is to go all over.”

The future looks promising as two more outlets are in the works.



All three current locations have recieved a 5 star rating (Windsor-Essex County Health Unit) and are noticeably immaculate.



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Photo and Story By David Clark from the ‘Jan 2011 Issue of BIZ X magazine’
Source: Jan 2011 issue of BIZ X magazine